Awesome Animation Techniques

3 years back, I was working in a training firm and I was running around Singapore to conduct various trainings on Adobe’s products to local schools from the Primary – College schools. I’ve seen some awesome capabilities of some students who totally excel and rock in specific areas. (Animations, Videos & Web)

Today, I’m featuring one of my ex student from Ngee Ann Secondary School and Temasek Junior College. He’s Tan Kang Soon and he excels in animation and not just using Adobe Flash’s tools to create Motion Tweens but Frame-by-Frame Animation (Here is something about frame-by-frame animation: . His capability to draw using just the mouse and visualizing how the character’s movement will be is totally FANTASTIC and I would say his works produced are pretty much on par with a few from the professional industry.

I’ve recently caught up with him and here are some of his works that he has created and all of which are his personal rendition of the characters in the animation created with Adobe Flash.

So how do you find his work? Pretty Cool eh? Enjoy and will be putting up the next post soon. Cheers šŸ™‚


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