Captivate Twitter Widget

The long awaited Captivate twitter widget is now out on Exchange and this widget is going to provide a great opportunity for Captivate users to foray into collaborative learning and social learning.

There was also a demo on how the widget works, click HERE to see a demonstration of how the widget works. The demo shows how an eLearning course has been integrated with Twitter to enable collaborative learning. The twitter widget allows the users to collaborate with their fellow students even in an asynchronous elearning setting; and also catalyzes teacher-learner interaction.

With reference to Shameer Ayyappan’s entry:” We first demonstrated the widget at last year’s Adobe Learning Summit. It has since been modified to meet the Twitter authentication and security requirements. The work flow has also been slightly modified.” Meanwhile the instructions for installing and using this widget are HERE.

This widget will work with Captivate 5 (Windows and Macintosh). Download the widget HERE


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