The Art of Service with Flash

Alrighty… Back again for another cool posting to showcase another piece of student work that I have. I still remember this piece of work as it is from my first batch of students from Nanyang Girls High School, Singapore. Back then, I was training them to be proficient in Flash for about 60 Hours through the year and they managed to produce some great works in animations, games and even a basic mobile application.

With their creative instincts and great digital art works, the school decided to let the students take part in a local competition in Singapore called the Actionscript Awards where students had to make use of Adobe Flash to create an animation/applications with relations to the topic. Remembering correctly, in 2007, the theme was ‘The Art of Service’ and these projects had to show what is good service from people working in the front line.

Here is a glimpse of some of the screen shots from the submissions which won the Silver Awards and also a Merit.You can try out one of the project HERE!!!

All these works are Copyrighted by Republic Polytechnic. Will be searching around SEA for more wonderful pieces of works to showcase. In the mean time stay tuned to any other technology updates. 🙂


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