Adobe Unveils Adobe Acrobat X

Hey Guys, finally back to blog again. Have been busy showcasing CS5 & something new, Adobe Acrobat X. (I know, it was released back then on the 18th October 2010, but am doing this for the followers of my blog :)) Anyway here is a short write up of Adobe Acrobat X.

‘Adobe today introduced the Adobe® Acrobat® X software family – Acrobat X, Reader® X, the Acrobat X Suite and new document exchange services at – that empowers professionals to innovate and create higher quality content, driving tighter collaboration and productivity across teams in today’s dynamic business environments.

Acrobat X delivers new guided Actions to simplify multi-step document preparation and publishing processes; completely new customization capabilities in PDF Portfolios unify multiple file types into a compelling presentation. New document services available at give individuals the ability to collaborate more efficiently. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint enables consistency of PDF documents across the enterprise; re-use of content is now easier with higher quality export to Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel.’

I’ll be working on some new postings not just on news but also on recorded tutorials for various software and starter guides as well. So do stay tune for more upcoming goodies.


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