Introducing Adobe Carousel: Your Photos Everywhere You Are

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Winston HendricksonThis morning, I delivered my first keynote address at Photoshop World Las Vegas before thousands of Photoshop power users. Scott Kelby and his crew kick it off with a creative theme each year and we’ve seen it all – from a regulation boxing ring, to a KISS band in platform heels, to this year’s runway fashions inspired by Photoshop tools. There’s nothing quite like it. Energy is high for an early morning on the Las Vegas strip!

We typically take the stage to reveal new workflows we’re exploring and provide a sneak peek of what the engineering team is currently working on. But today, we used the stage to give attendees the first look at Adobe Carousel – a brand new photography solution that brings all your photos into one single library you can access from any device – iPhone, iPad or Mac computer. This means, no matter where you capture or edit, your photos are easily accessible from the device you happen to have on hand.

I noticed over 700 Facebook fans “liked” our recent blog post, where fans and followers expressed some of the pain points they experience when trying to track and sync photos across their devices. There hasn’t been a consistent experience to date that allows people to do what they want to after they spontaneously capture a number of photos on their smartphone or tablet. We heard from so many of you that a solution is needed…

Anna said: Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Aimee said: Do you have any time frame of delivering such a solution? I am anxiously waiting. Right now a cloud seems to be the best option. Thanks for posting.

Januso said: Just can’t wait. My pictures library is 300gb big plus loads of photos on iphone

Espen said: Whoever comes up with a good and easily manageable solution to the problem om how to organise, save, keep track of and update photos across multiple platforms, devices, formats and years will have laid a very golden egg indeed.

We realize you live in an instant, in-the-moment, Facebook, Twitter, photo sharing world. If this is the case, why shouldn’t editing be a more social and collaborative process? Adobe Carousel allows you to invite your closest friends and family to view, edit and favorite your photos. The app leverages powerful Photoshop and Lightroom technology to help you adjust the exposure, boost vibrance and conduct other fixes in seconds. We think you’re going to enjoy experimenting with all kinds of unique Looks and we’re making sure you have plenty of room for re-do’s or undo’s. Non-destructive editing means your original file always remains intact, no matter what adjustments you make along the way.

We’ve got a team of passionate people who have been focused on building the right solution for themselves, their families, their friends and for just about anyone who has struggled with the limitations of their devices and their connection to photos. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how Adobe Carousel came to be…

At Adobe, we’re exploring solutions that extend beyond the desktop to the places and devices that live with you – whether you’re relaxing at the park, hanging out at your favorite art gallery or meeting friends at the local coffee shop. Adobe Carousel is a photography platform that we will continue to evolve and iterate over time. It’s built on a powerful technology foundation that we’ve only just begun to expose. Today, we’re focused on solving the most pressing need – accessing all your photos anywhere you are. You can imagine that in the future, this can extend to potential integration with other desktop products, feature sets and file types. This is the beginning of a much longer journey ahead…

To say that my team lives and breathes all things digital imaging is an understatement. I’m fortunate to work with a dedicated and talented group whose personal interests just happen to intersect with their professional aims. Today we also celebrated Bryan O’Neil Hughes’ (Photoshop Senior Product Manager) induction into the Photoshop World Hall of Fame. We’re certainly proud of him and his commitment to listening to our customers, collaborating with our engineers to address their requests and participating in videos and seminar sessions to help people bring their vision to light in Photoshop.

It’s been an exciting morning for us! For those who couldn’t be here in Vegas, stay tuned for the availability of Adobe Carousel in the iTunes store later this month. Follow us @AdobeCarousel and become a fan of our Facebook page. We’ll be posting information and updates and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Winston Hendrickson
VP of Digital Imaging at Adobe


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