2 Replies to “Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) ~ Overview of Interactive Overlays”

  1. Hi Felix,

    Regarding the restriction ‘Animated objects are flattened when built’, does it also apply to the following situation?:

    Many of my students would like to create an interactive photo gallery which starts off as a small thumbnail with either a default or specified first image, ‘grows’ when you roll over the thumbnail and then allows you to ‘swipe’ through the gallery. We have created an image sequence with swiping which works fine but the ‘Grow’ feature within the animation menu does not seem to work in Content Viewer, even though it seems to be working in the preview player within InDesign itself?

    If this type of animation is not supported, can you point me to any tutorials that show the above achieved through a different process?

    Many thanks,

    P.S we are on CS5,.5 with all updates installed. We are creating interactive publications (brochures, yearbooks etc) for desktop viewing only at the moment.

  2. Hey Dave,

    That’s an interesting question. But before I provide you an answer I do have some queries for you. I’ll drop you a mail and we shall correspond from there.


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