About Me

Hey All, the names Felix, Education Specialist, SEA for Adobe Systems Pte Ltd. I’m in charge of flying across the South East Asia (SEA) region to showcase to Users/Customers in the Education Space on how Adobe’s technologies are advancing and how it could be implemented into the institutes infrastructure. Previously I was a Training Manager in ASKnLearn Pte Ltd providing software training to students & teachers from the K-12 & HED market.

From the Creative Tools (Adobe Master Collection CS5.5) to our e Learning Solutions (Adobe Connect 8, Adobe Presenter 7, Adobe Captivate 5 etc…), you can find a wide variety of tools which can enhance your Digital Experiences. Catch up on my post on the latest technologies and solutions that Adobe provides. Also get to view some awesome works created by students and lecturers across the region and understand how they actually created it using Adobe’s Tools.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog and feel free to drop me a reply/mail @ fgohtzeg@adobe.com or add me up on facebook @ felixgoh@hotmail.com if you need more information about certain products or solutions. Before I end, here is a quote which I find very relevant to the speedy IT advancement:

“As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible but more mysterious.” Albert Schweitzer


8 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hi Felix,

    Just 2 questions.

    One – In acrobat, one could set editing restriction. However, there are third-party software that can remove these restriction easily.

    Two – I would like to create some PDF documents with an expiry date. However, i read that this could be easily disabled by anyone.

    Has Adobe come out with anything to combat this?

    1. Hi K Jay;

      Basically the best way to secure your PDF is to make use of Digital Certificate. And with regards to point no.2, there are 2 ways to enable expiry, LiveCycle Rights Management/Scripting. If you go for scripting yet it could be vulnerable but with LiveCycle, there is no way this could be disabled.

      We do have quite a few updates on security in PDFs.

  2. Hi, Sir Felix. I just want to request if you could give me the links of the videos you’ve shown us in Adobe Digital Video Tour here in the Philippines. I’ll be having a multimedia lectures by next week and I’m kinda hoping I could show some of the videos. Thanks a lot! Hope to hear from you soon. And by the way, that a great seminar… learned a lot. =)

    1. Hi Aizel, head down to tv.adobe.com and just type some keywords like Avatar or Monsters and you should be able to obtain those videos for your lectures. Drop me a mail if you can’t. Cheers

  3. Hi Felix,

    You’re real professional! I think I have to take a time to learn from your blog. Nice to meet you in Bangkok!

    Interest to exchange Facebook account? 😉

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