Lending a Helping Hand

Today, I’ve got another cool piece of work created by a group of student in Singapore from Nan Chiau High School. Code Name: Helping Hands. Woooo…. 😛 This group of students attended a co-curricular activity in school which stretched across the whole year for 60 Hrs and during this activities, these students were given an opportunity to learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash & Premier from IT trainers which they’ve hired.

Yeah, you must be probably thinking: “Hmmmm… Come on what’s new, just a website with games and videos probably!” Well, you’re wrong! This entire project, with the idea of the teacher-in-charge, came out to be a site containing resources which enables people with disabilities in hearing learn hand signs. Given time to not just learn the software but also to research and learn from books, these students came out with an entire web-page containing an elearning content from A – Z and with games as well.

Throughout the course, they came out with a workflow to integrate each capability of Adobe’s technologies into one single output. With Dreamweaver to create the HTMLs to be the shell for the contents, using Flash to create the drawings and the games and Premiere to edit the videos and encoding it to flv formats to insert into their flash file. This students showed a lot of creativity and dedication to complete this project and even submitted this to the local National Infocomm Club Competition 2009 and got to be one of the top 3 finalist plus attaining the Students Choice Awards . Not just an amazing piece of work but also an amazing idea to make use of digital media to reach out and provide aid to those with disabilities. Thumbs up for them!!

Check out the full site here: http://nchs-icc.com/helpinghands/index.html


Adobe eLearning Suite 2 & Captivate 5

Hey Everyone, Adobe has officially announced Captivate 5 & eLearning Suite 2!

Check out Captivate’s newly re-architected “from scratch” GUI and with tons of great new features and enhancements. Mac users? Not a problem. The eLearning Suite is now available for the Mac! AWESOME 🙂

Check out these top new features in Captivate 5:

  • Optimized user interface
  • Object Styles
  • Master Slides
  • Rich animation effects
  • Multivideo support and synchronization
  • Tracking and reporting

Check out these top new features of the eLearning Suite:

  • Roundtripping between Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe Soundbooth® CS5
  • Roundtripping between Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe Flash® Professional CS5
  • Roundtripping between Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe Photoshop® CS5 Extended
  • Application capture in Adobe Flash Professional CS5
  • Reinforced traditional authoring workflow
  • Domain-specific HTML templates

For more information, please click HERE.

Awesome Animation Techniques

3 years back, I was working in a training firm and I was running around Singapore to conduct various trainings on Adobe’s products to local schools from the Primary – College schools. I’ve seen some awesome capabilities of some students who totally excel and rock in specific areas. (Animations, Videos & Web)

Today, I’m featuring one of my ex student from Ngee Ann Secondary School and Temasek Junior College. He’s Tan Kang Soon and he excels in animation and not just using Adobe Flash’s tools to create Motion Tweens but Frame-by-Frame Animation (Here is something about frame-by-frame animation: http://animation.about.com/od/flashanimationtutorials/ss/flash29walkcycl.htm) . His capability to draw using just the mouse and visualizing how the character’s movement will be is totally FANTASTIC and I would say his works produced are pretty much on par with a few from the professional industry.

I’ve recently caught up with him and here are some of his works that he has created and all of which are his personal rendition of the characters in the animation created with Adobe Flash.

So how do you find his work? Pretty Cool eh? Enjoy and will be putting up the next post soon. Cheers 🙂