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APAC2013_1Technology is changing the way we teach and the classroom is no longer defined by paper, pencils and chalkboards. Thanks to technology, traditional ways of learning are evolving toward a more creative platform. In fact, educators and students alike are redefining the way they share and gain knowledge.

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting 125 delegates from 12 countries across Asia Pacific at the Adobe Education Leadership Forum 2013. Many education leaders and institutions such as Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar School in Australia, Institute of Technical Education in Singapore, Learning Links Foundation in India and Korea Education Research Information Service, came together to share their experiences and discuss changes they see in education today.

APAC2013_2Trevor Bailey, director of worldwide education at Adobe, addressed the importance of fostering creativity, highlighting that it should no longer be an elective in the classroom – it is the future. He also shared how technology enables teachers and students to tap into new streams of learning.

Bruce Dixon, co-founder of Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation and the founding director at ideasLAB Australia took the stage as well, stressing that educators shouldn’t underestimate the power of technology as it can help students through their learning journey. In fact, contemporary pedagogical insight comes from a better understanding of the realities of the modern learner’s world and how they gain knowledge. More specifically, today’s modern learner can be looked at in three different ways:

  • The Social Learner, who moves from ‘me’ to ‘we’
  • The Self-Directed Learner, who moves from dependency to autonomy
  • The Inquiry-Based Learner, who moves from the known into the unknown

Today, technology caters to the different learning styles, providing educators with a great opportunity to not only embrace the new tools but to continue the evolution of the way we teach and learn. By incorporating technology and creativity into the classroom we are teaching our modern learners in a language that is native to them. This is what they are used to and the best way to prepare them for future success!

Check out more photos from Adobe Education Leadership Forum 2013 here:

If you are an enthusiastic educator who has previously leveraged your abilities and expertise to promote the integration of Adobe solutions in educational institutions or schools, Adobe is interested to recruit you as an Adobe Education Leader!

What is an Adobe Education Leader (AEL)?
Adobe Education Leaders (AEL) are educators who have used their unique abilities and expertise to promote excellence in education through the integration of Adobe solutions in the classroom, school, or district. The Adobe Education Leaders program highlights the successes and contributions of innovative educators involved in primary and secondary education utilizing Adobe tools and applications.

Adobe Education Leaders are dedicated to enhancing creativity, communication, and collaboration and improving the teaching and learning experience. They share their expertise through technology-based projects and at workshops, seminars, and conferences. These leaders develop standards-based curriculums and educational resources that are used worldwide.

When new products are developed or existing products are revised, the Education Leaders are among the first to support learning objectives through effective use of the technology. As leaders in their field, they are dedicated to creating a dynamic learning environment for students and teachers.

Through the Adobe Education Leaders program, a network of outstanding educators inspires each other, share ideas, and collaborates with peers in the education community. Leaders can be classroom teachers, district administrators, technology coordinators, in-service specialists, college faculty working in the field of education, or education consultants.

Once an Adobe Education Leader is accepted into the program, he or she will be an AEL for 2 years and renewal is subjected to active participation and contribution. Drop me a mail @ if you would like to find out more.

Hey Everyone, was caught up with the Adobe APAC Education Leadership Forum 2012 held in Singapore’s Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on the 30th March 2012 and it was totally AWESOME. Everyone had a great eye-opener as to how various schools from around the APAC region are adopting and implementing Adobe’s technologies in the classroom and on campus.

It was a jam packed agenda with much knowledge sharing from both the Higher Education (HED) & K-12 markets. If you were not able to attend, feel free to head down to the following URLs to check out the presentation decks & pictures.



We are on the cusp of a new era in education as institutions today are exploring new ways to better prepare students for the future workplace. The strategic focus has now shifted on utilizing next-generation tools like tablets, e-textbooks and cloud computing to empower educators to deliver richer classroom experiences and more personalized learning environments while lowering costs. Throughout the day, various thought leaders will be sharing their thoughts around these topics.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to explore key trends in education including e-Textbooks, online classroom, mobile devices, tablet technology and campus moves to the cloud.

• Transformation of the pedagogical paradigm – Latest technology trends in education
• Integrating Digital Communication and creativity tools
• Engaging with digital natives
• Success Stories from around Asia Pacific

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